How To Get More Qualified Sales…It’s All About The Process

Let’s talk about the sales process.  No matter the product, the industry, the length of time…the process is generally the process.  Where it begins and ends might be a little different for someone but again…the process is generally the process.

I know many believe you are not in sales or don’t want to be considered a salesperson.  Guess what though…EVERYONE is in sales!  We sell the most important commodity every single day…OURSELVES.

Most people work better with a process. When you have a process in place, you have the exact steps to follow so that you can not only achieve your goals but will crash through them. The easier the process, the better the results.

When you think of a process, most people generally think about numbers and steps and formulas…what if there was something that was a process that had nothing to do with any of those and more to do with how you treat your client?

Did you know that being interested in your clients, rather than being interested in them should always be part of that process? Investing in your relationships is one easy way to show the importance of being interested not interesting.

When I was on the road in the height of my sales career, I had a mason contractor that became the COI that changed my entire career.  He asked me to show up on a jobsite, I did. He asked me to speak to his key people, I did. He asked me if I would speak to all of his men and get them protected, I did and then I made sure he was kept in the loop and checked in on him on a regular basis… My business was 100% referrals from that moment on. I was interested in him not interesting to him.  How is that for an important part of the process?

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Happy Selling!

Judy Hoberman

5 Tips to Stay “Client Focused” in 2012

1. People buy from people they like. It is important to spend time connecting with your prospect. It should only take 1-3 emails and the first 5 minutes of your appointment.

2. Assessing your client’s needs means identifying where the client is vs. where he/she wants to be. You then demonstrate how your product/service can fill the gap.

3. Remember to actively listen as you take notes. Restate the prospect’s answers to your questions to show you understand and ask followup questions to clarify the issues that your product or service can solve.

4. People like to buy, not be sold. Approach all aspects of the sales process from the client’s point of view – don’t “sell,” instead “solve problems.”

5. Even though men and women communicate differently, building a relationship is important to both genders. The difference is how you get there. Men focus on the transactions and work up to a relationship. Women start with the relationship and work up to a transaction.


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