The Keys To Confidence?

Recently I have been speaking to companies, corporations, Associations and individuals about a topic that had not been one that we would publicly speak about. No it’s not sex, drugs, religion or any of the taboo topics.  It’s one that until now, many of us hid…and did it quite well.  The topic is CONFIDENCE and it’s something that many of us struggle with… and many more of us deny we have trouble with.

This morning I was glancing through a magazine that caught my eye.  In the middle of the cover was an article called “The Keys To Confidence”…you can bet I started to thumb through it and hopefully find even more data for this new awareness of this old struggle.  I was completely disappointed as the entire magazine was about losing weight, plastic surgery, dental procedures, eye lifting, butt enhancing and the list goes on. Where will I kind the Keys to Confidence in any of these featured stories and ads? Perhaps it should be called “Where Did I Lose My Keys To Confidence” instead.

What are we doing to ourselves, our daughters, our granddaughters? What about our husbands and sons and grandsons? This issue of the magazine was about gifts to give for the holidays. If your husband came home with a gift certificate for weight loss, I would bet you could release 180 pounds or so by tossing him out the door?  All kidding aside, we are not creating happiness or joy or gratitude or confidence or loving ourselves when we read these magazines. As we get older should we hide the fact that we have lived decades and have the amazing life changes in our faces and bodies to prove it? The children you brought in to the world, the bonus children you inherited by choice, the places you’ve visited, the lives you’ve changed…certainly that accounts for something…doesn’t it?

Today I am without internet service. Who knows why and who knows when it will return. Instead of pouting and doing nothing, I decided to pick up some of the magazines I had put in a pile to read and pull out articles that I could use about programs I want to write and add to.  I guess this magazine was not the right one to start with except it gave me a reason to write a blog post.

It’s time to be kind again. Kind to each other, kind to strangers, kind to those that need our help, kind to our friends, kind to our family but most of all…kind to ourselves. Confidence doesn’t mean photo shopping ourselves to look like a model. It doesn’t mean we look beautiful only after we have plastic surgery or lose weight. It means we look in the mirror and love who is looking back.  Susan Sarandon said it best, “I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less and issue and what you are is the point.”

Go ahead, take a good long look. I don’t know about you but the person you are seeing has the “Keys To Confidence” that you are looking for.

Cover Girl

Someone asked me a question that I’m going to ask you.  If you could be on the cover of any  magazine, what would it be? I thought about different magazines and then started to divide them into categories.  If I were younger maybe a Fitness magazine.  If my family all lived under one roof, maybe a Family magazine.  If I had a hobby or sport that I excelled in, maybe it would be the cover of that particular sport. And if I was an amazing chef…well you get the idea.

So what is it that I love to do and that I’m good at? I love to speak to groups and I absolutely love to coach and train people in sales. When I see the light bulb go on and they are smiling and shaking their head as they “get it” that is where I excel.

But, being on the cover of a magazine?  Here’s my story.  I responded to a query online about the success of women in male-dominated industries and had a wonderful phone interview. I had plenty to say as this was right up my alley. I was told that as soon as my interview had been edited, I would be sent a link so we could promote it. Well I did get the link, but much to my surprise, I was the Cover Girl of Exceptional People Magazine!

I was so excited and flattered.

That was last year so for those of you that haven’t seen it, click on the image below to see the full magazine and let me know what you

think.  For those of you that have already seen it, click on the link and let me know what you think 🙂

So let’s go back to the original question….if you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would

it be?


Can’t wait to hear your ideas!  Happy Selling!


Exceptional People

The Cover of ‘Exceptional People’ Magazine!

I am extremely happy to announce that Exceptional People Magazine featured me on the cover of their magazine! You can read the interview by clicking here. Or if you prefer to download it to print and read later you can do so by clicking here.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Monica: What are some common challenges that
women face in sales?

Judy: Women like to build relationships, so the sales
process can take a little bit longer. So the number one
challenge is time. Managers who don’t recognize the
importance of building relationships may feel that you’re
taking too much time. Sometimes the client thinks you’re
taking too much time, and your employer may feel the
same way.

Since women purchase 85% of all consumer products,
they need to build customer relationships.

Monica: Can you identify some experiences you have
encountered when being approached by a salesperson or
specifically a male salesperson?

Judy: Sure. I was going to lease a car, and I was decid-
ing between two different vehicles. I went to the first
dealership, and the salesman walked up to me and asked
if I was going to buy a car that day. I said yes, and he
brought me into his office and started filling out an appli-
cation. And I said…

Take a look through the magazine. If you like what you are reading you can see more at