What If You Had A Secret?

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I would bet that at some point in your life, someone told you a secret and told you not to tell anyone. Would you tell? Even your best friend? Or your spouse? Or perhaps a total stranger just to say it out loud? Maybe your pet, or stuffed animal or even your pillow…. Really, would you?

So I know something that I’ve known for a few weeks and I can’t tell anyone….really no one and all I want to do is tell someone…anyone! It’s going to be great and it will happen in a few weeks but I promised to keep it confidential until it was time to tell. A study was done that showed women can keep a secret for 32 minutes.

In that same study, it stated that men talk more than women. And I should let you know that in a study done just a few years prior, that time was 47 hours…that’s quite a slide in a few years! Check out the study! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/14/women-keep-secrets-32-minutes_n_1092512.html Well I’m way beyond 32 minutes….So what would you do?