When the Corporate World is on Holiday

Will Return TuesdayLooking back on Labor Day weekend it seemed like Corporate America completely shut down. Every email I sent out or call I made even days leading up to labor day were met with the same message:

…I will be back in the office on September 3rd…

I guess the “we need it yesterday” sense of urgency goes right out the window when the slightest hint of a three (or more) day weekend creeps up on the calendar. I was asked to submit some information and I did within a few moments of the call and I received the auto message above. I might have misunderstood that what I needed to submit was important or perhaps asking to submit information now meant now on Tuesday?

In any event if brought back some memories of being in the Corporate space and maybe this is why many choose to work in the Corporate arena…Is that your choice?

Hmmm still not for me. I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t mind working around a holiday and even on it if I choose to do that. I love what I do and wouldn’t swap out a regular pay-check and time off for giving up what I am so passionate about.

It’s all about choices.

You make them, you keep them, you live by them.


Famous Isn’t Enough

FIE-CoverYou’ve written your book, you’ve got a marketing plan set up, it’s all good and then….life happens.  Not everyone is on the same page, things aren’t completed in the right order but guess what?  You’ve written your book and that is something to be proud of so pat yourself on the back!
In the midst of it all though, you are asked to be on radio shows to talk about….wait for it….your book!  It wasn’t part of your marketing plan, and it may not be in the right order but…life happens and you’ve written your book.  Do you get the point?
Book Number 2, Famous Isn’t Enough, is completed and ready to rock and roll and even though not everything is text book case ready, I’m so excited to bring to you “Famous Isn’t Enough, Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur” and Beth Shankle Anderson’s interview.
Click here to listen now. Enjoy and let me know your favorite part.

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


Isn’t it funny that when you make the decision to be an entrepreneur your rationalization for situations is not always “smart”?

Let’s take me for instance,the first thing everyone tells you to do is to have a business plan….but, why would I need a business plan?

  1. I was in business for myself.
  2. I was never going to have anyone else in the business.
  3. I had an idea of what my business would look like.
  4. I knew how much money I wanted to make.
  5. Writing a business plan was a waste of time.

Doesn’t each one of these reasons make perfect sense to you? They did for me, and later I will share just how easy it is to get off course if you don’t have a roadmap to which you can refer. In short, take the time to put together a business plan. You may hate me now, but you’ll thank me later. If you’re not sure where to start, the Small Business Administration offers an excellent article series to guide you through the process at www.sba.gov.

Read more about Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and Lessons Learned in my new book Famous Isn’t Enough!