When the Corporate World is on Holiday

Will Return TuesdayLooking back on Labor Day weekend it seemed like Corporate America completely shut down. Every email I sent out or call I made even days leading up to labor day were met with the same message:

…I will be back in the office on September 3rd…

I guess the “we need it yesterday” sense of urgency goes right out the window when the slightest hint of a three (or more) day weekend creeps up on the calendar. I was asked to submit some information and I did within a few moments of the call and I received the auto message above. I might have misunderstood that what I needed to submit was important or perhaps asking to submit information now meant now on Tuesday?

In any event if brought back some memories of being in the Corporate space and maybe this is why many choose to work in the Corporate arena…Is that your choice?

Hmmm still not for me. I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t mind working around a holiday and even on it if I choose to do that. I love what I do and wouldn’t swap out a regular pay-check and time off for giving up what I am so passionate about.

It’s all about choices.

You make them, you keep them, you live by them.