It’s All About Relationships

This past year, I have been featured on Fox Business News radio so many times and of course, I have my favorite stations and hosts.  When I get my list of stations at 5am, I always look to see if I’ve been on their stations before and if we have a relationship built or if it’s a new station and it’s time to begin a new relationship.
You can always tell when I’ve been on a station multiple times because there is that ease and comfort and maybe even some bantering back and forth.  Many times the host will say something that he/she remembered about our last encounter….it’s all about relationships.
As many of you know, my second book, Famous Isn’t Enough, Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur”,  is ready to be launched and I’m super excited about sharing some lessons learned, and trust me there are LOTS to share.  I contacted one of my favorite hosts because I wanted to send her a copy.
She and I have built a wonderful relationship over the past year and I value her opinion and friendship.  Guess what?  She asked if I would be on her show to talk about my new book?  So please give a listen to my friend and fav, Mary Jones on The Talk of Connecticut as she dives into my book!
It’s all about relationships!
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Famous Isn’t Enough

FIE-CoverYou’ve written your book, you’ve got a marketing plan set up, it’s all good and then….life happens.  Not everyone is on the same page, things aren’t completed in the right order but guess what?  You’ve written your book and that is something to be proud of so pat yourself on the back!
In the midst of it all though, you are asked to be on radio shows to talk about….wait for it….your book!  It wasn’t part of your marketing plan, and it may not be in the right order but…life happens and you’ve written your book.  Do you get the point?
Book Number 2, Famous Isn’t Enough, is completed and ready to rock and roll and even though not everything is text book case ready, I’m so excited to bring to you “Famous Isn’t Enough, Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur” and Beth Shankle Anderson’s interview.
Click here to listen now. Enjoy and let me know your favorite part.

KRLD Radio – Iowa’s ‘too Attractive’ Case

What is your opinion about the Dental Assistant that lost her job after 10+ years because she was now too attractive and may have caused personal issues for the Dentist she worked for? The cause of firing was considered legal and not gender related….makes you scratch your head…here’s the interview I did with Scott West on KRLD.


The Breadwinner

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There was a recent study about wives earning more than their husbands.  If you are a husband, are you ok with this?  If you are a wife, are you ok with this?  What about the role reversal?  I was interviewed on Michigan’s Morning News about this topic by Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul. Click on the link below to hear the 5 minute interview.

Judy Hoberman Interview (3.26)

Cover Girl

Someone asked me a question that I’m going to ask you.  If you could be on the cover of any  magazine, what would it be? I thought about different magazines and then started to divide them into categories.  If I were younger maybe a Fitness magazine.  If my family all lived under one roof, maybe a Family magazine.  If I had a hobby or sport that I excelled in, maybe it would be the cover of that particular sport. And if I was an amazing chef…well you get the idea.

So what is it that I love to do and that I’m good at? I love to speak to groups and I absolutely love to coach and train people in sales. When I see the light bulb go on and they are smiling and shaking their head as they “get it” that is where I excel.

But, being on the cover of a magazine?  Here’s my story.  I responded to a query online about the success of women in male-dominated industries and had a wonderful phone interview. I had plenty to say as this was right up my alley. I was told that as soon as my interview had been edited, I would be sent a link so we could promote it. Well I did get the link, but much to my surprise, I was the Cover Girl of Exceptional People Magazine!

I was so excited and flattered.

That was last year so for those of you that haven’t seen it, click on the image below to see the full magazine and let me know what you

think.  For those of you that have already seen it, click on the link and let me know what you think 🙂

So let’s go back to the original question….if you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would

it be?


Can’t wait to hear your ideas!  Happy Selling!


Exceptional People

The Best Label To Put On A Child

Recently I was asked to be on CW33 TV to talk about my favorite label for a child- “Kidpreneurs”  (Check out the video here!)  Imagine a child that has entrepreneurial tendencies and can monetize that?  Pretty powerful I would say! I did a lot of research about how kids can make money and spoke to some “experts” in the field. I had a lot of information to share with the viewers and the setting of the show is actually the first idea that comes to mind when we talk to our kids about making extra money for fun stuff of course a lemonade stand.  It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost a lot and who doesn’t love an ice cold glass of lemonade when it’s hot outside.  The problem is, it is a seasonal business, some areas are not conducive to having a stand, having a license to have the stand is necessary in some areas and sometimes it doesn’t get the creative juices flowing.

Starting a business today is a lot different than when we were kids.  In some ways it’s easier and in some ways it’s harder.  If it wasn’t a lemonade stand, it was babysitting, a paper route, shoveling snow, mowing lawns or selling “stuff” from your basement or attic. But there are also other neighborhood businesses that may be interesting in today’s market.  There is pet sitting and picking up mail while a neighbor is on vacation or what about garbage valet, someone that takes your trash cans in and out every week. That was an awesome idea by my friend and her son. Sometimes asking your neighbors what they need will open up different avenues….and isn’t that part of building relationships that we as adults try so hard to do in our businesses?

One of the hardest obstacles kids have to overcome is self esteem and as parents, we have to do things to build it.  When they start a neighborhood business they are building trust and integrity.  Imagine what that will do for their self esteem! Having children start a business teaches them responsibility, how to write a business plan, marketing, interacting with customers, making money, spending money, giving back and being a contributor to their family. They might even have a specific goal in mind that their business could help them achieve.  Or possibly earning money to give to a charitable cause is something kids can focus on.

As I said, I did lots of research and even did some investigation about today’s young moguls who have internet businesses and are really quite the business people of this decade.  However, the entire segment was really about a lemonade stand and a young boy who was our young “kidpreneur”.  He thought the info was ok, the money ok but he really liked having a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day and isn’t that what this was all about?

What’s Your Personality Type?

The other day I was asked if I was available to respond to an article that would air on the radio…..If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you know my philosophy is to be prepared and accept the challenge. So of course I said “Yes!” without hesitation. One radio interview turned into 11 and it was so much fun.

One of the things I observed were the different personalities within each interview. Of course, since the interviews were nationally broadcasted, you could say that the differences were geographical in nature, but I’m not sure about that.

Here is what I found. Being “connected” to the station for the interview- There would either be a few minutes to talk to the host and chat and build a little rapport OR I heard “You are live in 3-2-1”
Which is the most opportune style for you? I know what works for me.

The other major difference was the end of the interview….I would hear “Thank you so much for being on my show!” OR CLICK! and silence on the other end! Again, different strokes for different folks.

Whether your moving through things on “auto-pilot” at your job, interacting with the person ringing you up at the grocery store, or passing a stranger walking opposite directions those micro interactions can speak volumes and make (or break) someone’s day. To quote The Sayings of Chairman Malcolm – “You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them.”

All in all, the experience was great and I just roll with the punches. My biggest take away is again is:

  • Be prepared
  • Take chances
  • And finally, be grateful for every opportunity that comes your way!

I am humbled by the requests I get and love to share my message with you.
Happy Selling!

America Tonight – Radio Feature

“It’s Your Business” segment from America Tonight-Selling In A Skirt featured on nationally syndicated radio show.


Here’s an interesting story.  How many of you are trying to get your name out there?  Are you networking? Writing articles? Blogging? I’ve been doing all of those and more.  The other day I met with RealNews PR, a public relations firm and their expertise is…getting your name out there.

We talked and decided on a few different avenues to try that perhaps I wasn’t trying as yet.

The very next day I was in an all day meeting=translation no emails, texts or phone calls.  When I was done I listened to my messages and I got one from a nationally syndicated radio show asking me if I would be on their show that night!  Yes, that night!  No time to prepare or think because it was already 6pm and the show was to be taped at 8:45pm. In the matter of a minute, I thought of all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it-I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t know the questions, what would I wear…oh wait it was radio not TV or Skype!  Anyway, I thought, this is exactly what I was whining about and now it’s presented to me.  What the heck was I even hesitating about?

So I returned the call and I was told I would not get the questions in advance because they wanted it real and authentic.  We agreed on the call time and that was it. Two hours later it was done and it was so much fun.  Can’t wait for the next one!  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Some take aways for you:

  • You know your material better than anyone so go for it
  • When an opportunity is presented to you, take it
  • Be careful what you wish for….it will happen
  • Remember, opportunities are not always gift wrapped!

Happy Selling!

Bella Petite Radio Feature

Have you ever wondered about Social Media: The Power of Women Online?  Recently I was asked to join Ann Lauren of Bella Petite radio and Elizabeth Lions, economy expert to talk about the power women have as it relates to social media.  Of course we did bring it to face-to-face relationships as well.  A few great take aways came out of this:

The importance of Content

The importance of Relationships


The importance of Consistency.

The interview was like have 3 girlfriends having a conversation but the information shared is like having a bucket of golden nuggets.

Take a few minutes and listen by clicking Here. Or find it on the full site by clicking here. …I always love feedback!

Happy Selling!

8 Sure Fire Tips To Being Appropriate, Professional & Feminine

Ok ladies, so we’ve come a long way but the importance of  being taken seriously and being professional hasn’t changed one iota over the past few decades.

Back in the 70s we leaned all the way to the male side of fashion and donned suits and suspenders and confused everyone.
In the past ten years or so, we’ve come to know Casual Fridays and some have gone all the way the other way and look like they rolled out of bed.
I ran across an article that will give you 8 sure fire tips to being appropriate, professional and feminine.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.